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Kids- Be a Reading Medalist!

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Westover Hills

1408 Westover Hills Boulevard
Richmond, Virginia   23225
Phone: 804-646-8833

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10:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Youth Art Month at Westover Hills Library
Thursday, March 6, 2014

We have received 34 entries from area schools for Youth Art Month. All are on display in the meeting room and around the library, including the display window facing Westover Hills Blvd. These nice pieces of art have been created by students from first grade through eighth grade. I think you'll agree our students have talent!

Our artists' reception is March 6, 4-6 p.m. If you can't make the reception, stop by and enjoy the art show.

March 2014 Book of the Month and More
Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We have several new displays this month. It is Youth Art Month and we will have a display of visual art from area students. The reception is March 6, 4-6 p.m. Take some time this month to stop in and enjoy their work.

We are feeling a bit Irish this month and have pulled a number of Ireland-related fiction and nonfiction titles from our collection. Whether it's Escape to Ireland or Edna O'Brien's Saints and Sinners, we hope you'll make a discovery and learn a bit about the Emerald Isle.

If you are missing Downton Abbey, stop in to pick up or reserve the previous seasons on DVD or check out one of several books dealing with the real Downton Abbey.

The French film festival is March 27-30. You can find out more at Robert Hickman recommends several stellar French films from our DVD collection to get you ready. You can find these displays atop the NEW book shelves or ask us!

Book of the Month
Monday, February 3, 2014

Book of the Month Recommendation

There are many informal book clubs in the area - you may have thought of joining one, but just don't have the time! We've started a do-it-yourself book club at Westover Hills so that you can enjoy a book club experience without attending yet another meeting.

Each month, we will select a title and provide copies for checkout along with a handout of questions for reflection. In January, we read R. J. Palacio's Wonder about Auggie Pullman, a boy born with significant facial deformities, who heads from homeschool to a private middle school. Wonder shares his story as he tries to fit in, makes adjustment to a school setting, and copes with middle school in general.

The story is for children; however, it's one that has drawn the attention of writers and readers alike. We also want to encourage you to look at some of the stories in both the Children's and Young Adult categories when you are casting about for your next good read. Many of these stories a finely told and hold adult appeal.

In February, we are reading an adult title: Ann Patchett's State of Wonder. Patchett's stories are character-driven and State of Wonder is no exception. She takes us from a drug research lab in Minnesota to the a field lab deep in the Amazon rainforest. Marina Singh is sent to the Amazon to find out what happened to her lab partner who passed away while he was there, trying to ascertain the progress on a new drug under development by a seemingly AWOL researcher/physician.

To make matters difficult, Singh is held off from immediately finding the physician, someone under whom she completed her residency, by gatekeepers the physician has employed to keep her whereabouts secret. A tribe of cannibals, language barriers, and the lush, but extremely insect and reptile-filled rainforest make finding answers difficult for all involved. Find out if Dr. Singh, who is truly most comfortable in her clean, orderly research lab in cool Minnesota, is able to complete her mission.

We have copies of the book in print, on audio, on a circulating Nook, and it is available for download through our Overdrive service. Pick up your copy today.

Let's Roll Forward to 2014
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Our last entry recaps the 2010 renovation of the branch...I hope you've visited us in the last 3 years! The branch remains an inviting space and is actively used by readers and researchers alike.

Clay Dishon is working as the Interim Deputy Director of Richmond Public Library and I am filling in for him here at your branch. My name is Nancy Buck; I joined the experienced staff here in the end of October 2013. I have 31 years of experience as a public librarian with the Central Rappahannock Regional Library based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am enjoying the Richmond community and discovering many gems at Westover Hills Library.

For instance, new materials arrive weekly and we invite you to check out our NEW shelves or add your name to the reserve list for a specific title. Some newer titles of note are Sue Monk Kidd's The Invention of Wings, Jill Lepore's Book of Ages, and Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries. We are trying to keep up with the renewed interest in Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games series and Veronica Roth's Divergent series - two notable young adult series with adult appeal.

But we also have some older titles you might have missed - Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums, Norman Mailer's The Naked and the Dead, or something from the backlist of James Patterson's books. You can visit us virtually through the catalog or come in and browse - surely, we have your next good read.

Westover Hills LIbrary Renovation Update
Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello, all.
The past two weeks have been eventful at the branch.  With shelving nearing completion on Monday, November 15th,  Kloke Group started moving the stored collection back into the building and onto the shelves as soon as they were available for use.  In addition, electrical work and installation of lighting continued during the week as the landscaping was completed and signage returned to the building’s façade.  Furniture was delivered and installed, the parking lot resurfaced and striped, and a new book return put in place.  If that all sounds to you as if things might be coming together for the library to reopen soon, then you are not deceived.   Mayor Jones is cordially inviting everyone to join him for a ribbon cutting at WHL on Monday, December sixth at four o’clock in the afternoon.   We are all really proud of the “spiffing up” the library has undergone and are anxious to show it off, so please attend if you are able. 
A few images linked below will give a further idea of the changes that have taken place since the last posting.  We now have books and furniture in the house, so we look like a library again.   With the inclusion of all our great patrons starting Monday afternoon, we will be a library again. 
Until then…

Westover Hills Library Renovation Update
Thursday, November 11, 2010

A beginning is in sight.  With freshly painted walls, newly installed carpet, and landscaping under way, the renovation project at the branch is entering its final stages.  The next phase will include installation of shelving, furniture, and computer technology, as well as return of the collection.  Added lighting over the circulation desk and general collection shelving will be installed, the parking lot resurfaced, and numerous other "finishing touches" to round out the project.  The library has been through a complete revivification. 

Please find images linked below that depict progress thus far.  Additional photos will be posted soon, as well as an exact opening date when confirmation is possible.  Stay tuned...

Westover Hills Library Renovation Update
Thursday, October 14, 2010


With the added process of structural reinforcement successfully behind, remaining elements of the overall renovation can now proceed unobstructed at the branch. The last few weeks have seen the installation of new windows and interior lighting, placement of façade tile, as well as repair and replacement of the eaves.  Installation of the new seamless metal roofing and work on the eaves and porch were completed this week.  Several sections of drywall will be replaced to compensate for movement brought about with reinforcement.  With removal of the hydraulic jacks and supports, work has resumed on the overhead ductwork, as well as the framework for lighting and ceiling tiles.  Noise dampening tiles will be used for the dropped ceiling.  Inclusion of these tiles should improve overall acoustic balance within the library.

An exact date for reopening is not yet known, but with current progress, another four to six weeks should have us very close to swinging the doors wide.  In the meantime, if you would like an advance preview of what Westover’s furniture and fixtures will look like, albeit with slight differences in color scheme and pattern, North Avenue Library is set to reopen tomorrow at 3 p.m. (Friday, October 15th).  The branch at 2901 North Avenue has undergone an amazing transformation.  Without doubt, the finished product on Westover Hills Boulevard will be every bit as enlivened.

Happy Fall to you all.
Follow the link below for a few images of recent progress. 

Westover Hills Library Renovation Update
Thursday, September 2, 2010

As mentioned in the last posting, additional structural analysis of the library had become necessary.  Structural engineering consultants found the sagging of the ridgeline, porch, and eaves, as well as movement in the building's arch supports to be significant enough to require corrective and strengthening measures.  The process to address the defect was begun on Thursday, August 26th and could take as long as four weeks.  Bolstering of the roof will be achieved by attaching metal plates at the knee of the beams and then lifting the center of the arch with a hydraulic jack to achieve proper placement and height.  Tie rods will then be installed between the beams for extra bolstering.  Once these repairs are complete, replacement of the roof and windows can proceed along with all remaining aspects of the overall renovation.  As would be assumed, a process of this nature, especially with regards to magnitude and unexpectedness, will push back somewhat the schedule for the branch's reopening.  Updates here will detail a target date for return to the building as it becomes discernible.  The upshot being that our beloved fifty-one year old structure is getting the attention it needs to last many more years.  We can't wait to celebrate. 
A few photographs of the recent work (as recent, in the case of most of the images, as this morning) can be found here:

Westover Hills Library Renovation Update
Friday, July 9, 2010

A warm hello to all—

By late last Friday afternoon, the scent of drywall compound was prominent inside the branch and the completed work gives a real glimpse into just what form our library’s new interior will take.  At this point, the channels that were cut through the cement to house new wiring have been covered, most of the drywall has been placed, and work continues on the relocation of the HVAC ducts.  Additional analysis of roof condition and structural supports has become necessary and installation of the metal roof will begin once that procedure is complete.  The next short while will see work undertaken on the ceiling grid, light fixtures, windows and doors.  A new batch of photographs detailing the progress thus far can be found on the other end of the link below.  In these snapshots, notice the vanishing of interior doors and windows to accommodate aspects of the new design. 

Check back for occasional updates in this very same space.  Take good care...

Westover Hills Library Renovation Update
Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello, folks.  With a new month in full swing, things are progressing nicely at the branch.  The necessary interior demolition is complete and the framework has been erected for drywall placement.  In the next few weeks, work will begin on the installation of an all metal roof and the extensive rewiring of the building will take place as well.  Woodland Construction, Inc. has everything moving along right on schedule and we expect all but the finer points to be finished within ninety days.  Linked below are a few photos to document the work in progress.  We wish you all a wonderful summer.  Enjoy the warm weather by reading out-of-doors.  Check back soon for additional updates on all the great changes taking place. 

Many a person has been saved from summer alcoholism, not to mention hypertoxicity, by Dostoyevsky.
Roy Blount Jr, "Reading and Nothingness, Of Proust in the Summer Sun." New York Times 2 Jun. 1985: 9.